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Autonomous Objects

Connecting all things, the Universal Sharing Network will form a financial Internet where machines can not only sell and rent themselves, but also pay for each other services. For example, an office door can open itself when paid, while a fridge could order its own repairs. aims to address security, identity, coordination and privacy accross millions of devices by making them autonomous. gives connected objects an identity, the ability to receive payments, enter into complex agreements and transact without intermediary, leading to cost savings.

Our technology lends itself very well to deeper IoT integration, both in the commercial and industrial sectors, where we are piloting networks of autonomous devices operating as part of an Economy of Things, engaging in contracts with each other, paying each other for their services, yet never having to be centrally managed.

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Scaling to the Economy of Things

Our platform, currently under development, is a full-stack implementation which has been demonstrated to run on power-efficient hardware including the TEE enabled, Samsung Artik 5 SoC.

The Systems layer for the Platform consists of Ubuntu Core running the Blockchain Framework. Applications are easily isolated from one another, so there are no dependency conflicts, thus contributing to the overall security of the system.

The Framework represents a viable deployment option where computer resources and electricity are in relatively short supply, giving us a significant competitive advantage in verticals such as Supply Chain Management.

Our Platform is also ideal for integration within vehicle chassis, door locks, gas/electricity meters, washing machines and so on. Where on board integration isn't feasible, we have developed a proxy solution dubbed the "Ethereum Computer" that can mediate transactions between smart objects and the Blockchain.

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