Preempting disintermediation.

Workshops, Projects and PoCs is collaborating with both startups and established companies. We help companies address decentralization or risk being disintermediated.

We work with forward-thinking manufacturers that understand the importance of exploring the service industry, including discovering new audiences for smart products by integrating them directly into the next generation of sharing economy. delivers workshops, PoCs and consulting projects for clients globally. For more information, please contact us.

Share&Charge, an EV charging project we are developing in collaboration with Innogy.

Verticals and Use Cases

  • The Sharing Economy

    Ranging from metered wifi access, sports equipment, tool libraries, as well as renting rooms, offices or vehicles. Smart lockers extend the possibility to rent or share just about any object.

  • The industrial/maker/manufacturing space

    Providing access to many types of manufacturing equipment for small or large projects, including 3D printers.

  • Supply chain management

    Within the field of logistics and the transportation of goods, fleet autonomy leads to performance improvement and fuel cost reductions. And through the tracking of parts throughout manufacturing, assembly and delivery, it becomes possible to trace the provenance of products and facilitate their authentication.

  • Maritime contracts and the shipping container industry

    Both are perfect candidates for early disintermediation as they are strictly codified and for the most part already automated. What they sorely lack however is indisputability ­as most of the validation is still done by humans prone to making mistakes.

  • Energy and clean energy

    Smart meters, reselling electricity to the grid, enabling p2p payment for providing energy to one's neighbor as part of microgrids: all are transformed by leveraging the public infrastructure of the blockchain, enabling instant microtransactions where payment costs would have been prohibitive in a more traditional setting.

  • Smart homes

    From programmable smart locks to the deployment of smart appliances, including some that could deliver a highly personalized service without putting the user's private data at risk. Autonomous appliances could also automatically negotiate their consumables based on ideal market conditions, or organize their own repairs.

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Reducing Operating Costs's 'Economy of Things' technology enables machines to operate autonomously, helping companies transition from a product to a service-led growth. aims to address security, identity, coordination and privacy over billions of devices. As part of the collaborative economy, it allows for any object to be rented, sold or shared securely - without middlemen. And in the field of machine to machine communications, it allows for direct, cost-effective payments between objects, as well as doing away with costly centralized servers outlay. Ultimately, this provides a better experience for your customers as all transactions take place instantly and without bureaucratic contract.’s technology also reduces its clients' operating costs thanks to simplified billing while enabling fraud proof accounting. We help replace corporate data silos and fragile data workflows with secure coordination around a shared, immutable blockchain state.

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