The Ethereum Computer

The Ethereum Computer will bring smart contracts and blockchain technology to the entire home.

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Turning Personal Assets into Income

The Ethereum Computer is an open source project currently under development that will makes it possible to securely rent access to any space or compatible smart object, without intermediaries.

Anywhere where there are underused assets such as temporarily vacant apartments, there will be an opportunity to make a profit using the Ethereum Computer. The Ethereum Computer will enable both consumers and businesses to turn their assets into income.

The Ethereum Computer is a reference smart hub with extensive connectivity running optimized blockchain node(s) and a series of decentralized applications, includng, of course, the USN.

The USN MVP 2017 Program is Live.

Entertainment & Passive Earnings

The Ethereum computer will be distributed as an image file for popular SoCs such as the Raspberry Pi or Samsung Artic platform

Available free and open souce, our blockchain stack will provide a modular, event-based framework can be extended to control any embedded devices using smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.

All of this will take place within a 'permissionless' environment, encouraging network effects through a free and easy onboarding of manufacturers' smart objects onto the USN.

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Ethereum Computer Prototype

Development Platform

Developers will be able to create new revenue streams for Ethereum Computer owners by connecting new devices to the USN, such as wifi routers or large electrical appliances.

The Ethereum Computer acts as a blockchain developement platform: we will take care of installing the various frameworks including Ethereum and resolving compatibility issues between the various components of the its stack (Whisper, EVM, Web3.js, IPFS/Swarm, etc).

In the future, the Ethereum Computer can also become a source of passive income: it's the ideal platform for Ethereum Proof-of-Stake mining, and will come preloaded with pioneering apps, for example to rent one’s hard drive space in exchange for cryptocurrencies.


We are developing a clear and simple API that abstracts the complexities of the Blockchain, making it straightforward to enable connected objects.


We will push optional updates to the Ethereum Computer only after they have been tested top to bottom by our security experts.

Acknowledged by Experts

Hear what Alex van de Sande, Chief Designer at Ethereum for the Mist project, had to say about while at the Ethereum London Devcon One conference.

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